The Guys Meet At The Pub To Congratulate Howard On Becoming A Father

There are certain events that may happen in our lives that really define us as individuals. They are something that we are going to remember forever, and it is usually a cause for celebration. One of those events is when we find out that we are going to have a child, and Howard is having one of those moments with Bernadette. That is why the guys take him to the local pub, where they celebrate in style.

As we are sitting there, it becomes obvious to Leonard that Sheldon has had a little bit too much to drink. On top of it, they are talking about a recent invention that they came up with and Howard feels a little bit left out. He keeps talking about different types of inventions that would have him set for life, including the possibility of creating a larger margarita umbrella.

In the end, Howard does come up with a rather brilliant idea but as for Sheldon, he shows just how much he has been drinking by getting up and stumbling to the bathroom, which is actually the kitchen.