The Guys Argue Over Who Is The Best Batman

If there is one thing that many of us do with our friends, it’s get into a lively debate from time to time. The subject matter may differ from one set of friends to another, but it is a common theme. It is also the case with the guys from the Big Bang theory, and they love to argue about almost anything you can possibly imagine.

In this clip, they are on their way to pick up Adam West, who is going to be attending a party for Sheldon. On the way, they start talking about the different Batmans who played the role over the years and they are ranking them according to their favorites. Of course, they disagree on who should be at the top but suddenly, the camera looks over to the passenger seat and you see that Adam West is now in on the conversation.

There is something that all of us appreciate about The Big Bang Theory, and that’s the fact that it can make you laugh because it is unpredictable. It doesn’t matter whether it is a special guest star showing up or if it is just something that one of them says, it keeps us laughing.