The Gang Gets Together To Decide On The Party But Sheldon Has Too Much Of An Opinion

When we throw a party, we often want to make sure that everything is just right. That not only includes the large items of the party, such as the decorations or the cake, it also includes the smaller specifics. That is what the gang is trying to decide in this clip, but they are running into a problem, Sheldon.

Since the party is for Sheldon, they want to make sure that everything is as he likes. The problem is, he seems to have an opinion on everything, which really doesn’t come as a surprise to us. Regardless of whether it is his choice of music, which includes marching bands and Tibetan throat singing, or his favorite types of balloons, there is always something to laugh about.

Having a party thrown in your honor is really a great privilege. It is especially beneficial when we get to choose all of the specifics about the party for ourselves. Of course, we can only imagine that a surprise or two is going to be thrown in there as well.