Stuart Tells Howard And Bernadette He Is Moving Out

Although we have loved the characters on The Big Bang Theory from the start, there are always additions to the show that add to its flavor. Some of them become people that are on the show almost every episode and we couldn’t imagine the series without them. There are other characters, such as Stuart, who play a big part on the show but are typically outside of the close circle of friends.

In this clip, we get to see what happened after Stuart moved in with Howard and Bernadette. It was kind on their part but when Stuart comes knocking on their bedroom door, things quickly turn weird. We find out that he actually isn’t there for a bad reason, he is telling them that he is moving out. Howard and Bernadette couldn’t be happier.

Perhaps we have had a similar situation in our lives. It isn’t unusual for someone to stop by and then overstay their welcome. Of course, when it comes to The Big Bang Theory, we couldn’t imagine that they would overstay their welcome without a twist that would make us laugh out loud.