Sheldon Video Chats With Amy And His Computer Is Dying

We have seen the relationships on the Big Bang theory growing over the years, and they often take unexpected turns from one season to the next. One of those relationships that we have especially appreciated is the one between Sheldon and Amy. It is rather interesting to see how they interact with each other and in many cases, it is video chatting online.

It seems to work well for the two of them, because they can keep up with each other while at the same time, using technology, which is important to both of them. The problem in this video is that Sheldon’s computer has taken a turn for the worse and the sound is cutting out and video is failing. It really makes it difficult for the two of them to continue the conversation, and eventually, Amy is fed up and tries a different approach.

Technology certainly has changed our lives in many ways and we may use technology daily to keep in touch with friends and family. From time to time, however, it is best if we take an alternate approach, especially when technology fails us.