Sheldon Tells Amy She Is An Asteroid And She Is So Excited

There are times when the guys on The Big Bang Theory get the opportunity to work along with each other on a close basis. That was the case in this clip as well and when Sheldon was working with Raj, they managed to have a huge breakthrough; they discovered an asteroid. The only problem was, since they discovered it, they were responsible for naming it. Fortunately, Sheldon came up with a brilliant idea and he can’t wait to tell Amy.

As it turns out, he named the Asteroid after Amy and gave it to her as a romantic gift. She is so touched by the gesture but she isn’t sure how he was able to talk Raj into letting him name the asteroid after her. That is when she learned the truth; they would have to name all of their children Raj, even the girls.

We don’t often see Sheldon doing something romantic but when he does, it can really be interesting to watch. Although this type of gesture is surely romantic in his eyes, we aren’t so sure how Amy feels about the compromise.