Sheldon Takes Leonard, Penny and Amy To School On How To Throw A Party

It seems as if the party plans are well underway, and Leonard, Penny and Amy have been out making plans for the birthday all day. When they walk in the apartment, however, they get the shock of their life when Sheldon jumps out from behind the couch and screams, “surprise!” It was just his way of showing them how bad a birthday party could be.

If there is one thing I appreciate about The Big Bang Theory, it’s the fact that it is not always about getting a laugh. Yes, we have plenty of opportunities to laugh at the show but sometimes, we get to see a more serious side and it helps the characters to develop. That is the case was Sheldon, who opens up and talks about how horrible it was for him to have birthdays with his twin sister when he was growing up.

Watching The Big Bang Theory on a regular basis really helps you to know the characters and to watch them grow from one season to the next. It seems as if they grew quite a bit in this scene, although we certainly do get a good laugh in the end.