Sheldon Shows Amy His Birthday Suit

Sheldon is getting ready to go across the hall for his birthday party but there are a number of things to get ready in advance. First of all, he has on his suit, or his “birthday suit” as he calls it and then he decides to make the trip. The problem is, he is so nervous that he actually gets lightheaded as he is heading to the party.

When he finally walks in the room and is “surprised” by all of the guests, it seems like he is about to have an amazing time. After all, there are so many people there, including Wil Wheaton and Adam West that it would seem like a dream come true for him. The problem is, he ends up having a panic attack and before he can begin enjoying the party, he ends up running away and hiding in the bathroom.

It isn’t unusual for people to suffer from anxiety when they are in social situations. That is especially the case when they are the center of attention. Although we may not have seen this behavior from Sheldon over the years, it really doesn’t come as a surprise to us.