Sheldon Is Wondering Why Everyone Is Unhappy With Him

If there is one thing we know about The Big Bang Theory, it’s the fact that Sheldon can be somewhat abrasive from time to time. Through it all, however, he still remains one of the most lovable characters on the show. That fact is seen clearly in this clip that will absolutely make you appreciate the show and Sheldon even more.

After being sick and alienating all of his friends with insults, Sheldon is feeling a little sorry for himself. He wants to know why everyone is so upset with him so he turns to Amy for some guidance. After all, his friends are trying to treat themselves to a weekend free of Sheldon and he feels that he was completely justified in feeling the way he felt. Amy tries her best to help him but in the end, she runs out of patience as well.

Sheldon may be an abrasive character on The Big Bang Theory but we couldn’t imagine the show without him. It doesn’t matter if he is insulting all of his friends or speaking down to them in his own way, he is someone we love to laugh at week after week.