Sheldon Is Waiting For His MeeMaw At The Airport And Driving Leonard Crazy

The relationship between Sheldon and his grandmother (his MeeMaw) is something that often takes people by surprise. In this scene, he is waiting with Leonard at the airport for his MeeMaw to arrive, but he manages to drive Leonard crazy in the process. After all, every time somebody steps off of the airplane, he announced that it isn’t her, even when it is an Asian man!

If it isn’t enough that he is driving Leonard crazy with this type of behavior, it even goes further when we find out that he bought his grandmother an iPhone last year. He didn’t do it to be able to contact her, he did it so he could track her like a sea lion. When you add on top of that the fact that they discuss the time that Sheldon got lost in the zoo, it really is one of the funnier conversations we’ve heard in quite some time.

The development of the characters on the Big Bang theory is something that causes many of us to smile uncontrollably. Regardless of whether it is Leonard and Sheldon or anyone else, they seem to play off of each other perfectly.