Sheldon Has A Conversation About Empathy With Amy And She Teaches Him A Lesson

If there is one thing that all of us have in common in this life, it is the fact that we make mistakes. In doing so, we are also likely to offend other people in the process. For some of us, it is a problem that we only experience on occasion but for others, it seems as if they just tend to offend people on an ongoing basis. Sheldon falls into the second group.

Sheldon had recently been down with the flu and when he was ill, he just seemed to offend people on an ongoing basis. In fact, there wasn’t anyone who was left out of the mix. This left him alienated from those he was closest to, but fortunately, he had Amy on his side. They were even talking on video chat, as the often do.

Amy tried her best to reason with Sheldon, even talking to him about having some empathy. He seemed as if he understood but in the end, we are left wondering exactly how much of her advice managed to sink in.