Sheldon Gives Everyone A Sincere Apology And Gives T-Shirts To Mark The Occasion

For those of us who have watched The Big Bang Theory for any length of time, we already recognize that Sheldon has the capability of offending others. It seems as if he did a really good job of it this time, and he offended absolutely everyone he knew when he was sick. That cost him his opportunity to go to Vegas with the group, so he decided to apologize.

As he goes from one person to the next, he offers apologies that seem to be quite valid. In order to commemorate each of those apologies, however, he then offers a T-shirt. It seems rather odd, but it shouldn’t seem all that strange to those of us who have been watching this fabulous show for any length of time. To be honest, Sheldon just keeps getting funnier from one season to the next.

We may find times in our lives when it is necessary to apologize and we may even be able to take a lesson from what Sheldon is doing. Be sincere when giving your apology and then try to add a little bit of humor into the situation to smooth things over.