Sheldon And Raj Discover An Asteroid And Try To Name It

If there is one thing that we have come to appreciate over the years with The Big Bang Theory, it’s the fact that the characters are always changing and evolving. Perhaps that is what has made the show such a success, and the relationships that take place on the set are certainly a wonderful thing to see. They make us laugh and that is a great gift.

In this clip, we see Raj and Sheldon as they are going over some exciting news. They had just discovered an asteroid and as a result, they needed to come up with a name for it. At first, they thought about sharing the name as a combination of both of their names but Sheldon found a way to turn it to his advantage.

When Leonard comes out, he congratulates them on their recent discovery but the fun just doesn’t stop on their end. They continue to come up with some rather outlandish ideas on what to name the asteroid and Sheldon just continues to turn everything around once it is on the table.