Sheldon And Amy Get Interrupted During Their Live Internet Broadcast

When Sheldon and Amy are doing a live Internet broadcast on “Fun with Flags,” it seems like a most unusual subject. The broadcast is taking place on a live stream, so people are able to call in and interact with them while it is taking place. Unfortunately, they don’t get the people that they are expecting and in reality, it is just Raj and a guy from work.

The problem is, nobody wants to talk about flags except Sheldon. Raj is talking about his difficulties with women and the fact that he can’t keep a relationship going. Amy wants to help him and talks to him about it but it only stands to irritate Sheldon, who ends up throwing somewhat of a fit over it. That is when something most unexpected happens.

It appears as if Penny and Leonard have been talking across the hall about how they are no longer as fun as they used to be when they were younger. Suddenly, they break into the apartment, dancing around in Valentine days outfits and throwing confetti. It certainly is an unusual scene that leaves us laughing.