Raj Talks To Howard About Frozen And Claire Burns Him

There are a number of places where the gang hangs out on The Big Bang Theory. One of those places that seems to be a popular hangout with the guys is the comic book store. Not only are they able to thumb through some old issues of comic books, they are also able to discuss some rather interesting subjects. Many times, it is on the subject of superheroes but in this clip, they are talking about animated movies.

The subject of the Disney movie, Frozen, comes up and it appears as if Raj is a big fan of the movie. Howard, on the other hand, has some misgivings about the movie and the fact that the theme song, Let It Go, was performed in such an unusual setting. As it turns out, Raj is prepared to defend his point and along with him is Claire, who just happens to be standing nearby.

The problem is, Claire does defend him to a certain extent but then she turns around and ends up burning him because of his stance as well. I’m not sure which way this debate went, but it certainly was funny to watch.