Raj Meets Claire And Ends Up Getting Her Number

The characters on The Big Bang Theory have certainly grown over the years. When you watch some of the older shows, you can even see how much younger they used to look but they have grown in other ways as well. That is especially the case with Raj, who has played a big part in the show since early in the series. Without him, the show would not be the same.

In this clip, you get to see one of the ways in which Raj has changed over the years. Many of us remember the times when he would not be able to talk to women unless he was drinking. That is no longer the case and in this video, you see him chatting with a beautiful screenwriter he has met when he was out with Howard. Her name is Claire, and she wants to meet him sometime so they could discuss science for her movie idea.

Things seem to be working out quite well for him but there is a problem. Raj is already dating and it doesn’t mater how hard he tries to justify it, there is trouble brewing over this encounter.