Raj Makes Homemade Jam And Misses Out On The Chance To Discover A New Planet

If there is one thing that we appreciate about the Big Bang Theory, it’s the fact that the characters play off of each other so well. There are many amazing lines and jokes that are told on any given episode but it comes down to the chemistry that they have between them that really makes the show work. It’s little wonder that it has been on for so many seasons.

In this clip, you get to see one of those moments and it comes when they are giving Raj a hard time. When Leonard comes out into the room and begins talking about a new planet that was discovered, they start getting on Raj because he didn’t discover it. That is when Raj said that he didn’t discover it because he was too busy making homemade jam for the guys.

The Big Bang Theory is one of those shows that just seems to keep getting funnier and funnier. It doesn’t matter how many episodes we watch, there is always going to be something that makes us laugh. This clip is a good way to prove that theory.