Raj Is On His Way To See Emily But Then Claire Calls In

If you watch The Big Bang Theory for any length of time, you recognize that the characters continue to change from one season to the next. It is a part of the natural development of any sitcom, and we really appreciate the direction that has taken place on The Big Bang Theory, especially where Raj is concerned. In fact, he continues to grow as a character and we just laugh more and more as a result.

At one time, Raj could not even talk when a woman was in the room unless he had a drink or two. That led to quite a bit of humor over the years but now, he is able to talk to women without drinking and it has led to a rather unusual situation. You see, Raj has Emily as a girlfriend and, although they have broken up, Emily seems to want to get back together. That is when things get complicated.

As Raj is on his way over to comfort Emily for the evening, Claire calls in to let him know that she is now available. This leads to a rather hilarious series of phone calls that ends with a surprise.