Raj Calls A Girl He Met And Agrees To Have Coffee With Her

For those of us who have been watching The Big Bang Theory for many years, it can be quite amazing to think about the development of the characters. Some of them have been around since the beginning and it seems as if they just continue to get better one year after another. That is the case with Raj, especially as far as women are concerned.

When the show first started, Raj was unable to talk to women unless he had a drink. This led to some rather hilarious situations over the years. Now it seems as if he is able to talk to women whenever he wants, although that doesn’t necessarily mean that everything is always going to go smoothly. You see, he is already dating Emily but now he has met another woman and he agrees to meet with her to have a cup of coffee.

It seems as if this has been an ongoing topic of discussion for quite some time between Raj, Howard and Bernadette. He even makes the phone call while they are sitting together having breakfast and in the end, he just shifts the attention off of himself.