Penny And Leonard Go To A Restaurant But Their Reservations Are Canceled

When it comes to holidays, one that many couples appreciate more than any other is Valentine’s Day. It presents them with the opportunity to do something romantic but it is necessary to plan many months in advance, especially if you are going to do something special. That was the case with Leonard and Penny, and they had a romantic dinner planned and reservations at a special restaurant.

The unfortunate problem with their reservations is the fact that they were canceled so there was a long wait for them to get a table. That is when Penny begins to ask Leonard if he would offer some money to get a table. Leonard has never done anything like that before, and they have a bit of an argument while they are standing there in the restaurant. In the end, however, Penny says something that convinces Leonard to go ahead with the process.

Planning something far in advance can work to your benefit but you should always expect the unexpected. That is especially true when it comes to a special event, such as Valentine’s Day. Fortunately, we get to stand back and laugh at their problems because they are not our own.