Leonard And Penny Are Feeling Old So They Come Up With A Plan

There is no stopping time and it affects all of us, including the people on The Big Bang Theory. Although we may watch the show for many years, it’s amazing to look back just a few seasons ago and see how much younger everyone looked. They are even able to write it into the script, and it ends up being a rather hilarious scene.

Penny and Leonard are driving around, talking about what they can do in order to feel young again. Even though they are only in their 30s, they still feel old and apparently, Penny was called ma’am for the first time, which really disturbed her. There are a number of suggestions as to what they could do, including a food fight, going dancing or going to a midnight viewing of a movie.

As they are mulling over the possibilities, it turns out that they are both thinking the same thing. Going to a movie at midnight does sound like a youthful thing to do but when they find out that it is sold out, they are both relieved.