It’s Sheldon’s Birthday And They Are Celebrating In Style

There is something that comes around every year and if you have been watching The Big Bang Theory for any length of time, you will recognize that it often plays a part in some of the shows. I’m talking about the birthday, but this birthday is rather special. Not only is it Sheldon’s birthday on the show, it is also marking the 200th episode of The Big Bang Theory!

When they decided to throw this party for Sheldon, they wanted to do it in style and you’re not going to believe all of the guest stars who show up for this episode. For one, Wil Wheaton shows up and has some nice things to say about Sheldon but even Adam West, the original Batman, decides to make an appearance as well. It is quite amazing to see the interaction of all of these superstars.

It’s difficult to believe that 200 episodes have come and gone already, but we have loved every moment of it. Our only hope is that this is only the first of many celebrations along the way.