Emily Calls Raj And Everyone Manipulates Him

Sometimes we may learn something about ourselves that were not necessarily proud of, but we learn to accept it very quickly. It appears as if Raj is having such an episode in this clip, and he is learning that women are able to manipulate him rather easily. It all starts when Emily sends him an expensive Valentine’s Day gift and while he is talking with Bernadette, Penny and Amy about the gift, Emily calls in.

Raj puts the call on speakerphone so that the girls can help him to answer the call appropriately. As it turns out, Emily even starts crying and saying that she wants Raj to come over to visit her. Of course, the girls feel that it is a bad idea, although they are rather split on the possibility that she is sincere when she says something nice to him.

In the end, Raj gives an answer that the girls approve of and then he decides to leave so he can “be alone” for a little while. Of course, the girls know exactly what is going on and you will appreciate how this video ends.