Bernadette Surprises Howard With Some Amazing News. They’re Pregnant!

When we find out that we are pregnant, we are sometimes so excited about it that we want nothing more than just to shout it from the rooftops. The fact of the matter is, however, the moment does not come around very often, so it is a good idea to slow down and make the revealing of the secret monumental. That is something that Bernadette decided to do.

When she learns that she is pregnant, she wants to tell Howard in a way that will be special for him. She does so by leaving him little notes around the kitchen and he is absolutely thrilled when he learns why she is doing it. The problem is, he then begins to worry about the future for the child, including everything from whether they would choose public school to if the baby should be circumcised.

Many of us have had similar conversations and we may certainly have done our fair share of worrying when we found out that we were pregnant. Perhaps that is why we find this particular clip so funny, and it is one that we can laugh at over and over again.