Bernadette Is Holding A Rabbit For A Special Reason

There is nothing quite as cute as a rabbit, and apparently Bernadette and Howard feel that way. Bernadette is holding a rabbit, and Howard just can’t seem to get enough of him. It appears as if the two of them are having a lot of fun, but suddenly, the rabbit bites Howard and he absolutely freaks out because of his hypochondria.

The funny thing is, although Bernadette may have been holding the rabbit apparently at random, there was a specific reason why she was holding it. She was going to use the rabbit as a special way to let Howard know that she was pregnant. Unfortunately, the rabbit had other ideas and when he ended up biting Howard, it put the kibosh on her telling him. Howard runs off to the emergency room to get checked to make sure he doesn’t have rabies, and Bernadette starts thinking about a better time to tell him the good news.

Telling somebody that we are pregnant is a very special time in our life. It is something that we hold very dear but things don’t always go as planned. It is always best to roll with the punches and laugh at The Big Bang Theory.