Bernadette Is Having A Baby So The Gang Has A Karaoke Night In Her Honor

When Bernadette and Howard realize they are about to have a child, it is something that everyone celebrates. Not only is there a private celebration between Howard and Bernadette when she breaks the news to him, there is also an awesome celebration at the local pub, where the gang has a karaoke night in honor of the soon to be new arrival.

It is amazing to watch the different people from the Big Bang theory sing karaoke. It is something that many of us enjoy doing as well, and we don’t really expect anything fantastic out of any one of our friends, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that they don’t do a fantastic job as well. Of course, it’s enjoyable to watch and they certainly do put a lot of feeling into every song, especially Howard, who sings the final number.

For a few moments, it is a touching scene while Howard sings to Bernadette. You almost get lost in the music but it isn’t long before something happens that makes us laugh again. That is what we love about The Big Bang Theory.