Bernadette And Howard Plan A Night In The Hot Tub But There Is A Rat In It

It doesn’t matter how much we plan on a fun evening with our significant other, there are likely to be some problems that get in the way. It is not only true in real life, it is true on the Big Bang Theory as well. The main difference is the fact that we can laugh when it happens to the characters on a television show.

In this clip, Howard prepares a night with Bernadette in the hot tub and he even decides to shave for the occasion. It seems as if everything is going along smoothly but the problem is, he finds a rat that is flopping around in the hot tub. That is when the excitement begins and the two of them begin running around, looking for a way to remedy the situation as quickly as possible.

When problems happen in life, and they will happen from time to time, we have a few different choices. Basically, we can either get frustrated over the issue or we can try to laugh at it and move on. Take a lesson from the Big Bang theory, life can be funny.