Amy Has A Heated Discussion With Sheldon’s Grandmother And Things Turn Interesting

It would be nice if everything always went well between family members but unfortunately, there is going to be friction from time to time. We may experience it when it comes to our mother-in-law or perhaps it may be other family members, such as brothers or sisters. On The Big Bang Theory, extended family often shows up and those problems have a way of making us laugh.

In this clip, Amy is talking to Sheldon’s grandmother and the conversation is not going well. Amy is upset because she just doesn’t seem to get any approval from his grandmother, but she reveals something that takes Amy by surprise. She talks about how she had to live with a difficult man and that is when Sheldon comes in to do something that is quite unexpected, he is going to defend Amy.

Things get rather touching for a moment, but as you would expect from The Big Bang Theory, they don’t stay that way for long. It isn’t long before Sheldon is saying something that absolutely cracks us up and I’m sure you will laugh at it as well.