Amy And Leonard Are Trying To Decide Who Is Going To Give Sheldon A Pep Talk

When they were celebrating Sheldon’s birthday, he had quite a list of guests to the party. Those included a number of stars who have been on the show several times throughout the years, but it is certainly a gathering of celebrities that anybody would be proud to have in their home. The problem is, Sheldon is having a difficulty with all of the attention.

As Leonard and Amy are arguing over who is going to go in and give Sheldon a pep talk, Penny decides that the opportunity should fall on her. When she goes in to talk to Sheldon, she actually has a heart-to-heart conversation with him and it is quite nice. Sheldon talks about how he is nervous about being around those people and there is a specific reason why that is the case.

In the end, Penny offers to stay with Sheldon so that they could simply spend the rest of the party in the bathroom but Sheldon decides to step up to the plate and go back out into the other room.